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The Invisible Shield: Ensuring Proper Insulation and Energy Efficiency for Quality Home Construction


You really can’t say enough about how important insulation is for a home’s good construction. It is the long-suffering base that, relatively unsung, ensures energy savings and comfort to the lucky occupants.

Insulation’s just not that exciting. I mean, have you ever bought it? I didn’t think so. You’ve probably bought Coca-Cola. You’ve likely bought a smart thermostat. Hell, you may have even bought a used solar panel. I’ve bought none of those. But I have bought insulation.

Why Insulation Matters:

  1. Savings of Energy: Insulating hampers heat from getting into your home during summer and hampers it from escaping during winter. This ease of energy transfer makes your home more comfortable while using less energy, energy you pay for. Paying attention to energy savings when you are insulating can have a huge effect on the energy you consume over the life of your home.
  2. Your home should be your retreat – a personal oasis where you can fully unwind and be yourself. You need a living space that’s just right for you. This means it has to be warm and cozy, but not too warm or too cozy; it must be the Goldilocks of living spaces. How can insulation help with all of this? It makes your home (and the parts of it that you live in the most) the just-right temperature all the time without the major energy-expenditure and environmental-impact issues that come along with trying to heat or cool old, leaky buildings.

Types of Insulation:

Typically, blanket insulation is made of fiberglass or mineral wool. It comes in batts—large pieces that can be cut to fit— and rolls. It’s used in attics, walls, and floors. The most common place to install it is an attic.First, measure the space that you need to insulate. Next, cut the insulation using a utility knife, making sure to cut the material slightly larger than the space itself. Paying attention to these details is important because even a small reduction in the R-value could significantly decrease the insulation’s effectiveness. When you are ready to put the insulation in the cavity, be cautious not to compress or push the insulation past its normal thickness, which can create a “cold bridge” and reduce the insulation’s value. To hold the insulation in place, use insulation support or pins to attach the material to the building structure. Finally, staple craft paper or plastic sheets to the floor above to keep gravity from pulling the insulation downward.

Choosing the Right Insulation:

There are several aspects that go into picking the right insulation for your home. This includes the climate and conditions of where you live, the type of space in your home you want to insulate, and the amount of money in your budget. All of these things need to be taken into account when making your decision. Choosing the right insulation type and installing it correctly is something best done with the help of an insulation contractor. To make sure your contractor is up to the task, talk to a local cooperative extension expert.

Ensuring Proper Installation:

  • Getting your insulation properly installed is essential to ensure it performs as it should. Even the best insulation money can buy won’t insulate well if it isn’t installed right. Here are some top installation tips, with advice on when to use the services of a pro:
  • Before installing the insulation, seal all air leaks between unconditioned spaces and the interior of your home.
  • Choose the right vapor retarder (VR): a Class I, II, or III VR for use in cold climates, a Class I or II VR in hot/humid climates, and none for buildings in hot/dry climates.
  • Choose insulation with the right R-value (see above).
  • If you want ideal results, hire an insulation contractor with the right experience and know-how to do the job correctly.


For any homeowner, it is a good decision to invest in proper insulation. It is something that a homeowner really should do because it is an important part of good home construction. It is important because there are many insulating benefits of good home construction. For example, not only does good insulating pay for itself, but it also leads to good payback energy-wise.

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