Suboxone Leads to Fatal Dental Injuries and Costly Treatments: Are You Legally Covered?

Opioid dependence can cause complications, from breathing issues to behavioral fluctuations, and can even lead to death. Drugs like Suboxone aimed at treating OUD (opioid use disorder) appeared to be of immense help. On the surface, Suboxone was useful in reducing opioid overdependence and withdrawal symptoms.

In the early 2000s, this drug was prescribed as an alternative to methadone because it posed a reduced risk of accidental overdose and abuse. However, according to a Drugwatch report published in October 2023, an Ohio man who used this medicine to treat OUD faced severe dental injuries.

Keith King, the man in concern here, had filed a product liability lawsuit against Indiviour. Inc., the manufacturer of Suboxone. He said that he used Suboxone for pain management to treat an opioid addiction. After he used this medicine for 16 months, he started to notice tooth decay. Gradually, he had to undergo several tooth extractions.

In this article, we will talk about the dental issues patients face with Suboxone and the costly treatment required to correct them. Also, we will touch upon how to seek legal compensation.

The Tragic Story of Lindsay Haddad

Not every patient knew that they had to end up filing a Suboxone lawsuit for teeth injuries after using the drug. Even Lindsay Haddad had a similar predicament. In January 2024, reported on the story of this Pennsylvania woman who faced dental injuries and disfiguring tooth decay after using Suboxone.

She filed her lawsuit on January 12th, 2024, against Indivior. Inc., along with names like Reckitt and Benckiser LLC, MonoSol, Rx, LLC, and Aquestive Therapeutics, Inc. as defendants. She claimed that all these drug companies didn’t provide adequate instructions and warnings to the medical community or users about the side effects of Suboxone. That way, several patients like her could have been saved from dental health issues.

The drug maker updated its warning labels only in June 2022 and mentioned dental health problems. The company stated that using the medicine for the first time can often result in irreversible tooth damage. Hence, doctors must keep an eye on the patient’s treatments and stop them from using this drug when required.

However, with Lindsay, it was too late for her to recover from her teeth problems. She has already witnessed permanent dental damage. As a result, she is one of several victims who’ve filed a tooth decay lawsuit against the drug manufacturers. 

Her lawsuit added that correct warnings on time could have saved many from adverse tooth damage. Also, it could have saved patients from paying for costly dental work to correct the problem at hand.

Dental Health Problems Related to Suboxone

Anyone who has used Suboxone for close to six months to treat OUD or manage pain can develop acute dental health issues. Some of the probable dental injuries include:

  • Gum injuries
  • Cavities
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth injuries
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth fractures

If you use this medicine and have marred tooth enamel, you can merely address the outcome of the damage. You can also try to stay away from such damage taking place again. Most plaintiffs undergo costly treatment to correct their dental issues. They can recover the compensatory amount for expenses linked to:

  • Dentures and dental fittings.
  • Dental surgery for extracting rotted teeth and opting for implants.
  • Procedures for cavity fillings, crowns, and root canals.
  • Medicines to treat gum disease or any infection.
  • Medical imaging like X-rays.

There are cases where a plaintiff’s insurance company thinks that a certain procedure might be cosmetic and pointless. That means it might lead to out-of-pocket medical costs. And these expenses might be eligible for legal compensation in a well-planned product liability lawsuit.

How to Seek Legal Compensation?

The increasing number of tooth decay lawsuits is alarming. TruLaw states that there are close to 205 lawsuits combined in Suboxone Film Products Liability Litigation. 

That means there has been a visible increase, with 161 cases added to the existing litigation in April 2024. The lawsuits complain about the drug’s formulation. 

This is especially true for sublingual tablets or films, which make the teeth exposed to certain substances for a long time leading to dental erosion.

You should consult a lawyer to know whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit. Once you are, it’s necessary to abide by the guidelines shared by your lawyer. Make sure you keep medical documents, receipts, drug use duration details, and other healthcare data handy and share them with your lawyer. They will use it in the best way possible to build a strong case and ensure that the verdict is in your favor.

That means you will receive a fair settlement payout that will cover your losses and sufferings, as well as the expensive dental work you need to undergo.

In conclusion, it’s unfortunate when a medicine aimed at treating one health condition gives rise to another. That means patients need to be very careful about choosing this medicine to treat their OUD. 

If you have any existing dental health issues, it’s recommended that you ask your healthcare provider about the effect of the medicine. But if you are already affected by this medicine, seek legal compensation to reduce the financial stress of costly dental treatments.

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