Keno computer lottery – Outstanding improvement compared to traditional lottery

Each type of lottery has different ways of playing, giving customers unique attractions. So type computer lottery What makes Keno more attractive than traditional lotteries? Together Hi88 Find out through the following article.

Attractive points of keno computer lottery 

Currently, computerized lotteries are being chosen by many players. This is explained by the newness and attractiveness of this type of lottery. So what are the attractions of playing keno lottery?

  • The winning rate is ¼, the highest in the market
  • There are many prize categories from small to large, creating opportunities for players to make money.
  • Every 10 minutes, the lottery is drawn once, and there are 96 periods per day. Weekdays from 6am to 10pm.
  • Customers have the right to play a maximum of 30 consecutive periods with the same set of numbers.

Compare traditional and online forms of Keno computer lottery playing

Vietlott always focuses on experience and convenience for players. You play keno through two forms: online and traditional. Each method has its own limitations and advantages.

Traditional Keno computer lottery

With this form, players will go directly to the counter to choose numbers. Or buy at vietlott’s partners. There are 3 ways to bet: 

  • The ticket matches 20 numbers on the drawing machine. Players win prizes from 10,000 VND to 2 billion VND.
  • Bet big or small: if you bet big and the result is more than 13 numbers in the range from 41-80, you win. If you place a small bet and the result has more than 13 numbers in the range from 1-40, you win. Each prize is 55,000 VND.
  • Odd-even bet: if you bet even if the result has 13-14 numbers that are even, you win. If you bet oddly, if the result has 13-14 odd numbers, you win, each prize is 30,000 VND. If you win more than 15 numbers, you will receive a prize of 300,000 VND.

Keno online lottery

Online keno computer lottery players will buy lottery tickets at online websites. All transactions will take place online and by bank transfer. There are the following ways to play online:

  • Bet on over – under: if you choose over, the total score of the 20 balls must be greater than 810 and if you bet under, the opposite is true. 
  • Odd-even bet: you need to predict whether the last number of the total of 20 balls is odd or even.
  • Betting on even numbers, odd numbers and draws: this method is considered from 20 drawn balls. There are more than 10 numbers that are even or odd or there is a tie where the even and odd numbers are equal. 
  • Betting on the five elements: will be considered based on the total score of 20 balls. Earth (923-1410), fire (856-923), water (764-855), wood (696 – 763), metal (210 – 695).
  • Pearl bet: there are 80 numbers available, players will choose from 1-5. The system will automatically draw 20 balls and compare them based on the number the player chooses.

Forms of betting in Keno computer lottery

The forms of betting in Keno computer lottery are quite diverse and many betting outlets bring high winning rates to players. That is:

Odd even bet

The player places a bet on whether the total number of 20 marbles drawn by the dealer will be even or odd. This Keno bet has a win rate of 50%.

Betting on the five elements

Players will bet on the total score of the 20 marbles drawn by the dealer belonging to the five elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Detail:
See : dan de 60

  • Bet Kim wins: The total score of 20 marbles is between 210-695.
  • Winning Wood Bet: The total score of 20 marbles is between 696-763.
  • Water bet wins: The total score of 20 marbles is between 764-855.
  • Fire bet wins: The total score of 20 marbles is between 856-923.
  • Earth bet wins: The total score of 20 marbles is between 924-1412.

Betting Over/Under

When playing Keno computer lottery, the Over/Under bet is calculated by whether the total score of the 20 balls is greater or less than 810. In which:

  • Over bet wins: The total score of 20 marbles is greater than 810.
  • Under bet wins: The total score of 20 marbles is less than 810.
  • Draw bet: The total score of 20 marbles is 810.

Bet on Dragon/Tiger/Tie

This is the bet when playing Keno lottery where you need to consider the numbers in the ones and tens places in the total score of the 20 balls drawn by the house. Specifically:

  • You bet on Dragon to win: If the number of tens is greater than the units in the total score of 20 marbles.
  • You bet on Tiger to win: If the number of tens is smaller than the ones in the total score of 20 marbles.

Some tips on how to play Keno computer lottery most effectively

To get certain wins when playing Keno. Below we will tell you some effective ways to play Keno lottery as follows:

  • Always mentally prepare to play firmly in each game. Because if you maintain a good mentality, your betting judgments will be more accurate.
  • You should prioritize betting on bets with low payout rates. Because these bets in Keno all bring a fairly high winning rate for you.
  • Observe the results from previous games to find out betting rules for current games.

Experience playing online lottery for new participants

Keno computerized lottery is a type of quick spin, with quite simple gameplay. Players can buy tickets and check the results without having to wait for 10 minutes. This is an extremely entertaining game and receives the attention of many customers. The article below will show you some experiences in playing keno lottery online. Helps you win even if you’re new to the game.

You should try it for free first

If you don’t want to lose money when you first play keno, you can find places to try it out for free. As you play, you will gain betting experience. In addition, trying it out will help you find the right way to play.

Focus on the Jackpot

If you want to increase your odds of winning, you should aim for the highest prize. You need to remember that the greater the number of keno, the greater the winning rate. If you choose a winning number, you will receive 3 times your money back. Choosing 2 numbers will increase to 9 times the amount you bet.

Keep a stable mentality while playing

The important thing when playing computer lottery is not to be impatient and keep a stable mentality. If you are frustrated, you may bet uncontrollably. Therefore, it will affect your strategy and reduce your win rate.

Master the game

When playing, if you feel your strategy is not effective, choose another strategy. If you use other strategies and still lose, you need to stop and find out which one is right for you. You should not be stressed or keep the mentality of wanting to remove it because the more you remove it, the more you will lose. It will be difficult for you to control yourself.

Is Keno electronic lottery a scam?

Vietlott is the first Vietnamese computer lottery company, strictly controlled by the state. Under the management of the Ministry of Public Security and Finance. This unit always works in accordance with the law, ensuring the rights of customers. Therefore, it is very unlikely that mistakes will occur. As long as the company is not transparent, it will be immediately investigated by the Ministry of Public Security.

Player information and rights will be guaranteed according to regulations. As long as a customer wins a big prize, the media will report it. Therefore, Vietlott is the most reputable and quality computerized lottery company today.

Hopefully the above article has provided basic information to help you answer questions about Keno computer lottery. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at our website address for answers.

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