Instructions on how to catch northern lottery numbers effectively and win big

Currently, there are many players choosing to participate Northern lottery numbers with the desire to receive a large bonus. So what is this lottery game, how to participate? Below, we will answer in detail and share some basic tips to help people play online lottery effectively. 

What is the northern lottery number?

Northern Lottery is a game of betting on lucky numbers based on Northern lottery results organized by the Capital Lottery Company. Players participating will predict the last two numbers of the numbers lottery prizes and bet some money on your prediction. If the prediction is correct, the player will receive a bonus according to the specified rate.
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Instructions on how to catch lottery numbers in the North undefeated

In general, the way to play Northern lottery numbers is quite simple as above, but if you want to win, everyone needs to understand the rules for predicting and closing beautiful numbers as follows:

Numbering method according to prize 7

This calculation method is really simple, effective and has been applied by many experts. Players just need to follow the results of the 7th prize of the Northern lottery today. Then, synthesize the numbers that appeared in that tournament to create a set of numbers for the following days. This method not only helps increase the chance of winning the lottery with a high rate but also brings great accuracy

Closing the Northern lottery numbers according to GDB on Thursday

There are two basic methods to calculate special prizes for Northern lottery numbers. It will definitely help players increase their chances of winning high prizes as follows:

  • Method 1: Focus on the lottery results at Northern Station on Thursday. Lottery players only need to take the first digit of that lottery number and subtract 1. This result will be the tail of the lottery number. Everyone can use it to play in the next 7 days. This is a simple approach but quite optimal as they have the potential to yield high results if you hit it right.
  • Method 2: Monitor the lottery results on Thursday and choose whether to touch the top or bottom of the lottery number in the next 7 days. This method brings more options. However, you should note that the playing cost will increase compared to method 1. In return, this is a stable approach with a high chance of winning.

To calculate the special prize for lottery numbers in the North most accurately, players need to note that the lottery numbers returned on the first day may appear again in the next 8 weeks. If the lottery ball is broken, it will take longer to appear again. Therefore, it is important that people do not invest continuously, but instead monitor and adjust their playing strategies.

Learn how to catch the outline

Experts and experts in the industry have researched a number of questions with different question outlines on consecutive days with a very small percentage. This rate appears quite low in Northern lottery numbers and only accounts for about 1/200 times.

This also means that it can reappear once every 200 days, so when choosing a set, players need to be careful.  Therefore, you need to know how to eliminate numbers, not every number can be included in your problem set.

Master the rules of confusion

Raising a lottery bet is the most popular and common type of betting. Therefore, this is one of the basic and optimal playing methods that many professional players use. That’s because players won’t need to spend a lot of time thinking or pondering for too long.

When using this strategy, it is extremely simple, easy to understand and very easy to win. Furthermore, the way to play is also very safe, the probability of winning is high so players can rest assured.

First, you have to choose a nice set of numbers and mix them up, then play them for 3 consecutive days. At the same time, before playing the lottery with mixed numbers, everyone should eliminate the lottery pairs that have not appeared for a long time because the return rate of this set is very low.
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Betting experience when playing Northern lottery numbers

To improve the ability to choose beautiful, optimal numbers, players should also note some of the following basic experiences:

Learn carefully about the rules of the game and how to calculate scores

Northern lottery numbers have many different types of bets such as head, tail, bag, lot, lottery, cross, etc. Each type of bet has a different way of calculating points and winning rates, so players must pay attention. You need to clearly understand the rules of the game and how to calculate points for each type of bet so you can make the right choice for your budget and goals.

Refer to methods of predicting lottery numbers

Currently, there are also many methods of predicting lottery numbers shared online, such as based on statistics, observations, dreams, date of birth, etc. Therefore, lottery players can refer to these methods to find out. Get lucky numbers for yourself. However, we should not rely too much on these methods because they are only for reference and do not have high accuracy.

Bet on Northern lottery numbers with a reasonable amount of money

Bettors should not bet too high or too low when playing lottery numbers. Betting too high will put you at great risk if you lose, while betting too low will leave you with not too much profit if you win. Therefore, it is important to bet with a reasonable amount of money, depending on your current financial ability.


Thus, Northern lottery is a quite simple game but requires players to have standard number-fixing skills to win big. Therefore, everyone should learn and apply writing experiences  Kubet above to improve your chances of winning and receive huge amounts of money when participating.

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