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With an overall demand and supply chain of EVs, electric scooter sales fell in April 2024. The EV selling report says that in India, only 65,057 units were sold in April 2024, compared to 139,288 units in March.

If you are considering to buy Electric scooters in 2024, then it is obviously a good idea. Electric scooters and bikes offer an array of benefits that add great daily commuting without burdening your budget. Read the blog to learn about e-scooters, their benefits, and the latest models of electric scooters launched in India in 2024.

What Are Electric Scooters?

Typically, also known as e-scooters as those that do run on electric mechanism. Yes! Simple charging makes battery-powered in a few hours, making commuting fuel-friendly and safe. Electric scooters are powered with rechargeable batteries that give an average range of rides between 20-60 kilometres with a maximum speed of 15 kilometres per hour. Nowadays, electric bikes and scooters are designed beautifully with advanced features like GPS systems, smart locks, fast charging, etc.

The Benefits of Driving Electric Scooters

  1. No Carbon Footprint:Obviously, investing in an electric scooter or bike gives no carbon footprint, which helps make driving fuel-friendly and lowers pollution. These are more pollution-friendly daily commuters than fuel-powered vehicles. Zero tailpipe emissions while driving safeguard the environment.
  2. Low Weight: Compared to fuel-powered or conventional vehicles, electric 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers are lighter in weight. They are also less complex to drive, making driving easy for people of all ages. For daily commuting, driving heavy vehicles is nevertheless a good way to invest in EV scooters.
  3. Easy To Drive: Electric scooters’ smoother drives are promising in India or anywhere globally. Therefore, the world’s automobile sector is taking more initiative in designing and developing EVs. Electric bikes and scooters are smoother to drive, giving a silent riding experience on the road, which is helpful in reducing noise pollution.
  4. Low Running Cost:Fuel prices fluctuate constantly, often disbalancing the budgets of many people. Gasoline, petrol, and diesel are expensive commodities, so buying an EV scooter is quite budget-friendly. It requires electricity and charging instead of fuel, saving money over time compared to conventional vehicle drives.
  5. Lower Maintenance Cost: Vehicles need maintenance, but EVs require less than conventional automobiles. Timely service and maintenance are okay, but if you have an electric scooter or bike, then it takes less in the count. This is because it shares a less complicated nature of mechanism.
  6. Tax Benefits: The government offers support and incentives if you invest in Electric Scooters in India. Thus, there are great tax benefits on the purchase of EVs. In fact, there are parking benefits for electric vehicle owners.
  7. Distinctive Design and Features: E-scooters and e-bikes are now in demand, so manufacturers are working hard to improve their structure. From designing to adding innovative features, EVs will add convenience and a sense of style to every ride.

The Drawback of Electric Scooters and Bikes

  1. It is only valid for daily commuter needs.
  2. Poor charging infrastructure can lead to range anxiety in EV buyers.
  3. Traveling long distances is a hassle on a single charge when there is no need for charging stations.
  4. Charging vehicles may take 1 to 5 hours, which is a waste.
  5. High production cost than conventional vehicle manufacturing.

Is Reality in Investing in Electric Scooters Over the Expectations In a Country Like India?

Although lakhs of cars are running on Indian roads, people still prefer to invest in good 2-wheelers like bikes or scooters. These are not considered to be luxury but convenient commuters for daily utility in every house. This has always raised the demand for 2-wheelers more than 4-wheelers in the Indian automobile sector.

However, the demand for EV bikes and scooters has increased after the launch of EVs due to the rising fuel cost. Over the years, EVs have been considered the future of the automobile industry in India and worldwide. Finally, if you want a daily commuting vehicle, go for an electric scooter or bike, as it will be a massive hit in the coming future.

The Final Verdict

Although the concept of EVs is more straightforward, they make drives comfortable, safe, and convenient for all. If buying an EV scooter in India would be a commuting choice, then look for great models on Droom. You can explore various newest launches in electric 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers that suit your needs.

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