Are Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass + Monthly Blessing Worth It?

Honkai Star Rail battle pass

This game is touted as the best, cheapest, most free-2-play friendly gacha out there. While that point is a bit contentious thanks to games like Punishing Gray Raven, it is definitely one of the most giving gacha games out there – especially compared to Genshin Impact, that comes from the same developer.

Using Honkai Star Rail top up services to boost your account is definitely the way to go if you want to pull for all five star characters and their weapons, but is the Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass and Monthly Blessing enough and worth the price?

Nameless Glory and Express Supply Pass Price

Let’s start with how much these two cost.

Nameless Glory comes in two price-points.

  • The Basic $9.99 Package
  • The “Nameless Medal” Package that comes at a price point of $19.99, or an additional $11.99 if you’ve first purchased the basic Nameless Glory package

Express Supply Pass is $4.99, which is pretty inexpensive.

Both of these are exactly the same, functionally and in price, with Genshin Impact Battle Pass and Blessing of the Welkin Moon.

Express Supply Pass

Being the cheaper and less complicated of the two, we’ll talk about it first.

Similarly to Genshin, when you purchase the Express Supply Pass you get 300 Oneiric Shards immediately which you can spend on whatever you want (Most people will turn them into Stellar Jades, let’s be real) and then you get 90 Stellar Jades each day for 30 Days, totaling at 2700 Stellar Jades, which is 16 Pulls. If we include the 300 Oneiric Shards, that comes up to a total of 3000 Stellar Jades, and at that point you’re just 200 Jades short of 2 10-pulls. That’s crazy at the price point of $5, and definitely worth it without a doubt.

Nameless Honor, Glory, and Medal

This one is a bit more complicated. It comes in three tiers, but the last two don’t differ much aside from the fact that you can get to level 50/70 a bit faster.

Nameless Honor

This one is the free Honkai Star Rail battle pass where you can unlock some rewards if you do your daily and weekly battle pass quests. It doesn’t reward that much in the end, but if you play the game on a daily basis – you’ll most likely end up claiming all of the rewards anyways.

Nameless Glory

This is the first tier of the Honkai Star Rail battle pass that costs $9.99. It isn’t that expensive, but alongside the rewards already offered by Nameless Honor you also get plenty of other valuable items, resources, and money.

To compare the two:

Nameless Honor:

Nameless Glory, in addition to the above rewards players with:

For just $9.99, you get: Another extremely rare Self-Modeling Resin, 680 Stellar Jades, 4 Star Rail Special Passes, and 1 Treasure of The Starry Seas which lets you pick from a pool of pretty strong 4-star Lightcones.

Nameless Medal

The least worth item in the bunch, the Nameless Medal simply advances your Nameless Glory by 10 Levels, awards you with 200 more Stellar Jades, 5 Fuel, and an exclusive profile picture.


In the end, depending on your income – it can be quite profitable to get both the Express Supply Pass and Nameless Glory and think about it as a “Paid Subscription” if you like to play Honkai Star Rail on a daily basis.

You can always find a Honkai Star Rail account for sale with all the items and characters you might want instead, and not have to worry about playing daily in order to get strong characters.

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