Revealing “Delicious” Double Chance Odds For New Players

In soccer betting, there are many different types of bets, such as single bets and double bets, to serve players. If you want to “change things up” with a new type of betting, you can refer to this double chance bet to bet. Before betting on this game, you should refer to the secret to increasing your odds of winning with the following shares of bookmaker 789bet we.

What is the definition of double chance betting?

Double Chance bets (Double Chance bets), this type of bet was formed and developed from traditional betting types of European countries. Bets are calculated over a period of 90 minutes of official play, plus valid injury time minutes.

Matches with extra time or penalty shootouts will not be included in the results of this type. When playing Double Chance, you just need to choose your favorite match, then bet on the bets with a higher chance of winning.

Each bet in this bet will give players 2 chances to win. Accordingly, each door will have up to 2 possibilities to win.

This type of bet is suitable for new players to gain real combat experience. When playing, you just need to know the rules of the game, then play at a reputable house.

Double chance bets are played similarly to European soccer bets. However, when playing this bet, you will bet on 2 doors, the payout rate is also higher than the 1×2 bet. The bet calculation will be calculated as follows:

  • In a 1x yes bet, the calculation is: 1/(1/odds + 1/odds)
  • In bet 12, it will be calculated as follows: 1/(1/odds1 + 1/odds2).

Share how to bet on double chances

Because when placing a bet, you will have to choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes of a match. With this choice, you will have to accept that the money rate will decrease compared to deciding to choose one outcome.

There are the following abilities that allow players to choose from:

  • 1X: means betting on the home team to win or draw.
  • 12: home team wins or away team wins.
  • X2: draw or away team wins.

For teams playing at neutral stadiums, the team in front is the home team in double chance bets. Accordingly, when you choose a double chance bet in this match it will be as follows:

  • Choose bet one x: If the home team wins or draws, you win. If the away team wins then you will lose your bet.
  • Choose bet 12 and you will win if there is no draw in that match. Either the host wins or the guest wins.
  • Choose bet X two, if the away team wins or draws then you will win this bet. If the home team wins, the player will lose the bet. 

Important notes for winning double chance bets

Although this is a bet with a fairly high win rate in favor of the player, it is not as simple as you think. If you are subjective, the player will still be at risk of losing. Immediately pocket the following experiences to increase your chances of winning bets:

Always closely monitor the odds table

The odds table for double chance bets is not as complicated as handicap bets. You only have 3 choices as given by the dealer. Betting is quite simple, so this game is chosen by many people today. When placing a bet, what you need to pay attention to is the payout level that the house offers.

Do not apply luck to this type of bet

Many players laugh or believe in the element of luck when betting. However, you should know that no one is lucky continuously in many bets. Therefore, you need to spend time and apply the formula to win.
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Careful and accurate assessment of the match

Like other types of bets, Double Chance players need to pay attention to understanding football. You should care about the 2 teams you bet on.

Accordingly, you should carefully research the history of confrontations between those teams in the past. Do not ignore factors such as performance, formation, penalty cards, etc. to have bases to help you make the most reasonable and accurate judgments. 

Experience in double chance betting makes the house “cry”

When betting on double chance, players need to immediately apply the following playing methods:

  • If two teams play against each other and have a big difference in performance, you should prioritize betting on a Draw, as well as choosing the stronger team.
  • For matches where the strength of the two teams is not too different, you should choose to bet on a Draw for the team with better performance.
  • In case it is a cup match, you absolutely do not bet on a Draw.
  • You should choose big matches to bet on.
  • You should bet at reputable places like our bookmaker to achieve high and safe odds for players.

Hope that information 789BET What we provide above will bring you useful experience to be able to win when playing double chance bet

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