7 Dishes Under Rs. 500 For A Budget Party Plan At Home

Who is never in the mood to party? Just one call from a friend and your plans are on. But do you also have to look at your budget first before you invite your friends for a stay at night? Then, this blog is for you. Here are 7 amazing dishes that you can make at home so that your friends would definitely say “If it’s a party, it got to be yours.”

And the best part! Everything is under Rs. 500. Yes, you heard it right. Now, all of you can have a feast at home, and on this small budget. For this, here is everything you can make.

A Perfectly Indian Samosa Chaat:

Well, we don’t need to teach how to make Indian samosas as it is already the culinary favourite. You can definitely count it in your midnight plan for making samosas at home. Do some online grocery shopping straight away, because you can’t find a warm samosa at night, but you can surely find fresh ingredients online.

After making samosas, add your own touch by making a chaat out of it. For this, firstly crush the samosas in uneven pieces. Next, add some chopped onions and tomatoes, followed by pouring yoghurt and chutneys. At last, squeeze a lemon and enjoy a crazy midnight snack.

Spicy Cheesy Nachos:

Another crazy night and another crazy snack, nachos are here to turn your party mode on. And the best part, it is within a budget of Rs. 500 when you make it at home. Either you can order numerous packets of nachos online, or you can make your own smart move with ordering packs of tortillas that can give you a wholesome quantity, that is less likely to be found in the ordinary packets. Cut triangular slices out of tortillas and fry until crispy.

At last, grate enough cheese that melts into a thick layer when baked. Further, add chopped onions and tomatoes to it, making a lip-smacking nacho chaat for your movie night.

One-Pot Pasta:

Girls, gossip, and a big and fat bowl of pasta. Sounds exciting right? Well, it can be more of it when you don’t just order it but make it all by yourself. After all, we have to stick to the notion of Rs. 500. To begin with, order packets of pasta online, because even the biggest packet of pasta does not cost you more than Rs. 200. Further, you have enough money to go for online grocery shopping and buy more cheese, and exotic veggies. To save on your time in cooking, you can use the hack of one-pot pasta by sauteing all the veggies in salt and black pepper, pouring enough water, and putting in the raw pasta. Seal the vessel and embrace the beauty of pasta soaking in water and rising beautifully amidst the veggies.

At last, sprinkle ample parmesan cheese on it and bake. With this, you have a wholesome bowl of pasta ready in a matter of minutes.

Homemade Pizza:

What if you could have a whole big pizza, all for yourself, without even spending hundreds on it? Well, you can still get it by making it at home. Believe us! The budget will still be reasonable even if you are 4 people grabbing 4 pizzas for each. For this, begin your tour of online grocery shopping and buy all the necessities online. From a pack of pizza buns to the toppings you love the most on pizza, you can grab everything online. And don’t forget to say cheese. Make your pizzas all by yourself, load enough cheese, and lately bake it. Savour as many pizzas as you want for just Rs. 500.

Grilled Sandwiches:

This is another filling and delightful snacking option that you can enjoy on the least budget. In fact, you can make it a gourmet sandwich by ordering a unique kind of bread from the online platform. Following this, you must create a smooth stuffing of ample exotic veggies. Prepare a wholesome stuffing with mushrooms, corn, lettuce, and more, followed by a spicy addition of salt and pepper. Make the most of these sandwiches by adding layers of cheese carefreely. You will surely enjoy every bite of it, and so will your guests.

Hakka Noodles:

This is not just one of the quickest dishes to make, but it is also one of the rich food ideas where you are free to add as many veggies as you want. Hop in for some online grocery shopping and order veggies like carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian food lover, then load your noodles with ample chicken. At last, the online store brings you hakka noodles from several brands. So, choose one and prepare your noodles for the night straight away.

Don’t forget the sauces!

Pulav For All:

Another easy Indian dish that people can always enjoy to the fullest is pulav. Affordable and easy to make, pulav is the best idea for an instant dinner plan. Order ample veggies or chicken or mutton, followed by a pack of rice and necessary spices. You can create your magic with the basic ingredients. In fact, it is not just the pulav but the siders along that add to your feast. Just like a bowl of soups, or that one big bowl of raita and salad. With this, you are all set to welcome your guests over with a delicious home-cooked meal in a minimal budget of Rs. 500 only.

Partying at home is now fun and affordable. For this, you do not even have to make a site map to get the collectibles for the feast. Instead, just hop for online grocery shopping at Swiggy Instamart. This online platform is here to cater to all your demands for regulars, exotics, and gourmet foods. Just visit online and list your idea for food in the cart, and your essentials will arrive to your home in the least time. And yes! All price tags are attached. Compare and contrast!

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